Born to War: Paintings in honor of the American women killed under military assignment to Iraq and Afghanistan.  2003-2014

Intermedia Arts

March 2011
Intermedia Arts
South Minneapolis Arts of the Community Exhibit

Shown on jumbotron as part of True Blue Minnesota
Republican National Convention
August 2008
St. Paul, Minnesota
Song by Laura Mason

St. Catherines

Memorial Day, 2007
Catherine G. Murphy Gallery
The College of St. Catherine
St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul Art Crawl

Friday April 20 and Saturday 21, 2007
Part of the Spring St. Paul Art Crawl.
In the atrium of Markethouse, 289 East Fifth Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota.  

This work is available to be shown.  

These portraits are done in black and white acrylic paint on 9" x 12" paper. There are 171 portraits.  These require a minimum space of 85 square feet. This allows for 1" between each painting.    A small book with information on each soldier is planned to accompany the exhibition.

Contact the artist if interested.  

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