Born to War: Paintings in honor of the American women killed under military assignment to Iraq and Afghanistan  2003-2014

This project has been influenced and makes use of the following material:

Peter Singer, "How Are We to Live?  Ethics in an Age of Self-Interest," Prometheus Books, New York, 1995.   This book is a call to live reflectively and ethically.  An ethical approach to life looks at the world as a whole and is open to all perspectives when making decisions, with an aim to reducing the pain and suffering of others.  

Joshua S. Goldstein, "War and Gender:  How Gender Shapes the War System and Vice Versa," Cambridge University Press, 2001.   This book is an examination of the near-total exclusion of women from combat forces, through history and across cultures.  The conclusion drawn is that killing in war does not come naturally to either gender, and that gender norms often shape men and women to the need of the war system. 

Svetlana Alexiyevich, "War's Unwomanly Face," translated from the Russian by Keith Hammond and Lyudmila Lezhneva, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1988.

Identification of fatalities:  

Iraq Coalition Casualties: a database operated privately by Michael S. White and Glenn Kutler:

Identification is confirmed through news releases of the United States Department of Defense:

Source material for images

"Faces of the Fallen"; A project of the Washington Post:

"Honor the Fallen"; A Project of Military City:

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