Born to War: Paintings in honor of the American women killed under military assignment to Iraq and Afghanistan.  2003-2014

Operation Iraqi Freedom is the first war in which American women in the military have been killed in direct ground combat.

Women are serving in the United States military in greater numbers than ever before.  Women make up fifteen percent of the  American troops currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Although it remains official Pentagon policy that women not serve in direct ground offensive combat roles, the current situation makes the application of this rule impractical. Women are being wounded and killed in greater numbers than in any other war.  

Eight American military women died serving in the Vietnam War.  One hundred and seventy-one American military women have died in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom
, as of December 30, 2014, when the project was concluded.


What happens when the mothers of warriors become the warriors themselves?  When the traditionally tender become inseparably involved in brutal warfare?  

Could the inclusion of women among those sacrificed eventually tame the fury of war?

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